On My Radar: Meghan Sims

What the most creative advertising idea you’ve seen recently?

I’m actually really loving how people are mobilising their networks and launching initiatives to promote fairness in the business. Obviously Alma Har’el is a total badass with Free the Bid, and the newly launched Free the Work. Recently, I’ve also started following how We Direct Music Videos is meeting this major need to advocate for directors who otherwise get used and abused in the process of working on music videos. 

I was curious to learn how they’re getting organised, so I attended the town hall they had here in New York on August 7. The room was absolutely packed with directors, producers, and commissioners from major labels, and we talked through ideas to propose fairer guidelines during the pitching/treatment process. I was shocked to hear the horror stories of the conditions directors have to work within, but they’re off to a great start to correct these bad practices.

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Emma Blackman